ChiroSUITE v5.24.0220 Released :)

v5.24.0220 is a minor release!  Here are the update notes for your perusal...

We hope you take the time to read through all of the changes!  Please don't hesitate to bring up issues you find, features you would like to see, or tweaks that would make your day a little easier :)

Appointments/Schedules/Care Plans
__ Added to replace the Google calendar sync.  Signup in the Files -> Integrations / Modules menu to get started today :)
__ Added [Quick Add Patn] back onto Appt screen, but respects the security now as it did not before.  So if still not enabled for you please check your security settings.
__ Added Print Routing Slips to SOD/EOD processes.

__ Modified Practitioner sort order on prac list & all other prac lists.  We removed the SortOrder field a few years ago, but forgot to update the actual sort order on the lists.  I know some of you will have a difficult time with this change, but alphabetical just makes the most sense :)
__ Modified syncing days fwd/back to 30 & removed ability to alter from the system settings.  You can definitely contact us to make your case for more in the future :)
__ Modified Routing Slip print/preview options at bottom of Appt screen to default to preview & avoid fewer reports printed by mistake :)
__ Modified popup calendar to work correctly with leap years when in March & displaying days of previous leap year Feb - this calendar has been in use for 30 years & that is the first time someone has pointed it out :)
__ Modified ReviewWave processing to accommodate their move to Amazon Web Services.

__ Removed support in lieu of TruTexting & SimpleTexting support.
__ Resolved issue with Appointment Times setup not copying & not allowing you to alter Appt Warnins when booked appt doesn't match desired Appt Type.

Billing/Payments/Items/Third Party
__ Added validation check for when 3rd party payment number is too big - instead of an error, you'll get a warning & we'll shorten the number for you :)

__ Modified Prac RegNum & RefNums from 20chars to 40chars to support more information.  Modified receipts as well to better show the larger fields.
__ Modified TELUS eClaims billing to be more consistent between 3 billing screens & give a quicker, easier process.  Please pay attention the first few times you bill through the screen to make sure you understand the process changes & how they will affect you :)
__ Modified Acct Credit Transfer screen to allow you to transfer credits from inactive business entities to current active business entities.
__ Modified headings on 3rd party invoice to be less confusing for auditors :)
__ Modified BC/MSP Check Eligibility process to store lookups for future investigations.

__ Modified SimpleTexting error when contact updates become an issue to let you know to contact them, but also what to say when you do for quick service :)

Online Booking  
__ Added ability to flag a patient for No Booking online - this will add them to the exception list instead of booking the appt if they book online.
__ Added warning label for when prac added does not start until a future date - these pracs are not added online until that date starts (which can certainly be the intention, but usually is not).

__ Modified copy Link by Practitioner process to work even when a practitioner hasn't started onine booking.
__ Modified credit card saving process to overwrite only cards of the same type entered online - any other credit card types on file will remain on file.

__ Resolved issue where OB booked appts allowed you to overlap them if rebooking manually in schd.  Also ran hotfix with this update to cleanup any previously schd appts as well :)

Paperless / SOAP
__ Modified the Missing SOAP screen to be more intuitive - all settings have been retained.

__ Resolved issue opening non PDF files from Patient Tracker, Docs/Files.

__ Added Sales by Item, by HDYFU report.
__ Added Item List by Supplier reports.
__ Added "Does not match only?" option to the A/R Reports, Daily Appointment vs Billing Summary report to make it more useful when you are just looking to find items that weren't billed - very useful for date ranges!
__ Added Daily Appointment vs Billing Summary (Does not match) to EOD process.

__ Resolved sorting issue with SOAP Summary report when SOAP Notes were not entered in order.
__ Resolved Specific Payor filtering issue with 3rd Party Reconciliation Reports -> Received (by Company), Summary & Detailed.

__ Renamed Hours Worked to Prac Hours Worked, and User Hours Worked Report to User Logons Report to lessen confusion.  Your security setting will adjust automatically :)

__ Added "Patient Docs/Files by File Type?" option to User Setup screen to allow you to default how you see the Docs/Files in the Patient tracker by default - but also allowing you to toggle between the 2 settings.
__ Added User Security setting "User: Allow to change patient comments" and set all active users to yes so there was no change.  If you have a user you want to block, please remove the setting :)

__ Modified Logoff process to show the User's previous logon details until User is changed.  At this point though the user is considered to be logged off so does not appear in the "Currently Logged on Users" list as expected.