ChiroSUITE v5.23.1206 Released :)

v5.23.1206 is a minor release!  Here are the update notes for your perusal...

** and were removed from your reminders as they no longer support email-to-text as of June 2023 - look into the paid texting services to better support your patients.  

Appointments/Schedules/Care Plans
__ Added Capacity Utilization report (Reports -> Statistics Reports -> Capacity Utilization).

__ Modified VA Consent checking to also show red where no consent is present (in addition to checking whether one is present but expired).

__ Resolved issue closing Appt add/edit screen without making changes, but are prompted to save changes.

Billing/Payments/Items/Third Party
__ Added full line color to 3rd Party Receive screen to make navigating easier.  Added setting to System Settings in case you don't like the coloring :)
__ Added Appt List options for entire family.

__ Verified all thermal receipt/appt list printing - call if you need help setting up :)

__ Resolved issue in some TELUS reconciliation situations where reconciled billing may still end up in the Reconciliation Wizard

__ Added "When adding from OB, exclude New Email Addr from Mailing Lists?" to System Settings, Email tab, to allow you to control whether emails added from Online Booking are excluded or not.  Defaulted to not exclude but you can setup as desired in the System Settings.

__ Modified logging process to include attached documents at the top of the email for easier reference.  Also included proper file names instead of cryptic ChiroSUITE filenames.

__ Added Menu Tuner to bottom right of Menu (Patn Prac tab) to make it easier to setup your menu :)
__ Added option in System Settings to indicate where you prefer PDFs to be created to for those of you you don't like the desktop.  We defaulted to TempFolder to start with :)

__ Modified Email Attachment process to use new file selector to help those clinics having issues with OneDrive.

__ Resolved issue with background timer - affecting schd redraws on no shows, or appt changes on other computers refreshing on yours.
__ Resolved issue with the Busn Entity showing incorrectly in the practitioner list.

__ Added ability to [Copy] docuemnts to the desktop when previewing them in the Patient Tracker.
__ Added ability to default Quick Add email reminder to "Do Not Remind" in System Settings.
__ Added Relationship to Patient Quick Add.
__ Added [Force SimpleText Update] to Patient Phone screen to help update where out of sync - this can sometimes happen if the patient initiates conversation prior to reminder setup.  Will only appear if you are using the SimpleText service.

__ Modified Receipt defaults where not set.
__ Modified Call Progress Entry screen for easier viewing of previous call details (larger box & sorted by descending contact date/time).
__ Modified Red Flag setup to allow you to inactivate Red Flags no longer in use.
__ Modified Red Flag Auto Create/Assign Groups to put all inactive Red Flags into an Inactive group.

__Added ability to IGNORE credit balances on letters printed in Aged Receivable Patn Wizard.

__ Resolved an issue with tax included on income statement in some scenarios!  It should now match the Tax & Cashout Summary reports :)
__ Resolved an issue with pre-tax totals on tax reports when a mix of tax types are used.
__ Resolved an issue with SOAP Audit Report missing some audits.