April 1st!

How is it already April 1st???

Just an update on how things are going on our side...

We continue to work on the big TELUS Health update & it is going well, just slower than we like BUT we are going to take our time & make sure we put out a great product!  There are a lot of non-TELUS Health changes in this update to make a difference regardless of what 3rd Party Insurer you are using!  I'll hold off on promising any release dates at the moment, but it is an exciting update & we are happy to be approaching the finish line!!!

Additionally, we have been working on the update for after the TELUS Health update.  There are a bunch of online booking, google calendar, texting, emailing, and reminder changes in this update & they will all carry an automation component as well so that things can happen in the background as planned!  This is also an exciting update for us & we look forward to getting this update released as well... currently i would ballpark this for sometime in late summer!

We hope you are well :)