ChiroSUITE v5.16.0808 released :)

v5.16.0808 is a minor release resolving various issues & overhauling the reminder/email engine :)
Appointments/Schedules/Care Plans
__ Added restrictions to [Move Appts to Care Plan] screen to prevent user from moving appts to the wrong type of prac.
__ Added ability to remove appts off of a care plan.
__ Added Refresh Waiting List to EOD process.
__ Added consent indicator to Appt screen for quick & easy access.
__ Added reminders information to patient tracker.
__ Added QuickAdd Day [Q+] to schedules when not using "Auto-Nav schedules".  This is only available for future dates.
__ Modified all Waiting List open options so they consistently open the screen the same way.
__ Reset all Last Appts information.
__ Modified Lapsed Visit History Report (by Prac Pref & by Appt Prac) for speed.
__ Cleaned up reminder data where duplicate SMS have been added using non-update bug.
__ Completely modified reminders & calendar attachments to be more consistent throughout ChiroSUITE.  Any/all changes made from the appt screen or the patient tracker will be automically updated throughout.  The reminders/attachments listed ARE the patient's defaults at all times to keep everything in sync :)
__ Resolved an issue with Patient Visit Stats report ONLY affecting when running By Practitioner Preference.
__ Resolved issue with Calendar Attachments wanting to resend in specific instances where they were already sent for an appt that is then cancelled.
__ Resolved rare issue where cancel & rebook of appt with Calendar Attachments would duplicate the attachments.
__ Resolved issue with New Patient Visit List where number of visits selected was a maxium - changed it to a minimum, which is what was intended.
__ Resolved issue with Cancel & Rebook screen showing the Quick Holidays in the wrong spot.
__ Resolved issue where Visual SOAPer (w/ Patient Appt Pattern) was pausing the screen refreshes.

Billing/Payments/Items/Third Party
__ Added default insurer/lawyer/etc to Payor Setup Advanced screen to help with speed & consistency in adding 3rd party payors.
__ Modified Checkout Wizard to resolve a very rare bug in specific data situtations.
__ Modified Payor Setup & Payor Setup Advanced screens for efficiency & to retain original defaults to make it simpler when adding advanced defaults.
__ Resolved issue with Billed Alternate Practitioner report missing practitioner descriptors.

DoIt Tasks
__ Added [x] button next to quick filter bar to make it easier to remove the filter.
__ Added Active Patn button (the red heart) to allow you to quickly set that patient as the active patient.
__ Added Mine+ option so a user can see tasks assigned to them & tasks not assigned to anyone.  Defaulted all users to this option, unless they already had the All option chosen.
__ Added "User:Allow to View All DoIt Tasks" security option to restrict users from seeing everyone's DoIt Tasks unless they have security for it.  In cases where a User has the All default option chosen but does not have access to view all, the Mine+ option will be defaulted on logon.
__ Color coded quick filter bar so it's easier to see.
__ Remoted Patn option for DoIt Tasks.

__ Added Chatr SMS Provider.
__ Added ability to [Reset All Future Reminders] when making changes to the defaults moving forward.  This process is available where you set those reminders, the Utilities -> System -> System Settings -> Schedule.
__ Added a new email component to provide greater functionality in the future but to resolve some email issues with the larger entities.  You should see fewer problems with,,, etc.
__ Added Freedom Mobile as an SMS provider, removed Wind Mobile (they renamed themselves).  Also updated any outstanding reminders to use Freedom Mobile as the Wind Mobile ones are now being rejected!
__ Modified SMS/Text Msgs to go out as single reminders ONLY due to msg size restrictions!  This also allowed for putting the [Send Only the Selected SMS] back on the screen to allow you to pick certain msgs to send.

__ Added automatic relink when the computer user changes for those clinics using multiple computer logons.
__ Modified EggTimer to provide several options for launching to help those clinics having issues.  Click the Troubleshooting link on the EggTimer screen to choose the option that works for you :)
__ Modified Update Keys to fail silently for those clinics running air-gapped machines.
__ Modified screen res function to deal with width limits on super-hires monitors.

Online Booking
__ Added ability to accept credit card information online to save directly into patient file.  You can optionally accept this information or require it to book an appt online.
__ Added Prac Disclaimer option to provide a disclaimer each & every time an appt is booked.
__ Added ability to email prac from online booking practitioner list without exposing the prac's email address.
__ Added ability to add prac notes to the practitioner list to provide additional details about the prac online.
__ Added ability to BCC a prac when an appt is booked online, this may assist with keeping the prac in the loop about early morning appts being booked online.
__ Added ability to remove Terms Date/Time & force the posting of Terms each & every time a patient visits the site.
__ Added SkinType images to try to assist in making the best choice for your online booking setup.
__ Added JumpTo text to help notify the patient of specific information when jumping forward to the first available date as opposed to today's date in the online calendar.
__ Added ability to generate online booking links by prac for those clinics wanting to link from their website in that manner.
__ Added Troubleshooting tab to the online booking setup to allow you to resync all the online information.
__ Resolved issue with special characters (&^%$#@!) causing issues with updating information online.
__ Resolved syncing issues with various information in the online booking setup.

__ Added a process to remove the 'Finish it Later' task for adding patient information if the user decides to change information in the Patient Tracker first.  A warning message that you'll never read will warn you :)
__ Added DateOfBirth to Patient Search screen.
__ Modified Price Level  -> Adjust Price Levels by Age process to default those patients without price levels setup to avoid missing them.
__ Modified the Add New Patient Wizard to prevent users from using the [x] to just close the screen as this does not deal with the fact that information needs to be finalized.  
__ Resolved issue with encrypted credit card not carrying forward properly on a patient merge.
__ Resolved issue with Price Level changes dropping links to patient accounts.  Price levels changes will now carry forward & update all patients accordingly - any previous lost price levels will be restored in the update.
__ Update removes "Finish it Later" patient data entries that older than a week old.

SOAP Notes & Paperless Office
__ Added auto-move appts to care plan option when setting up a new care plan in the SOAP notes - this will resolve the issues clinics are having with pre-booked appts & doing SOAP at the end of the day :)
__ Added "Added by…" details on the document review screen so you know who added the document.
__ Added Diagnosis to the SOAP Recap screen.
__ Modified the Doc Review screen to show only the count of documents still to be reviewed.
__ Modified SOAP Recap process to ignore Subluxation questions with no responses from showing on Recap.
__ Resolved issue with Diagnosis not always carrying forward the most recent diagnosis for a new SOAP.

__ Added ability to Auto-Nav schd to next day to the User Setup screen.
__ Added Filter ability to User Security Rights & User Security Rights (by Object) screens to help setting up security.
__ Moved the User Setup - Billing Adjustment security Options to the User Security Rights screen.  Added a security right specifically for change pay types.
__ Resolved issue where updating for all users didn't refresh all the fields when navigating before closing/opening the screen.