ChiroSUITE v5.16.0301 released :)

Hi :)
ChiroSUITE v5.16.0301 has been released!  This is a long awaited minor upgrade for clinics running v5!
We will be emailing clinics instructions in the next few days to help with the upgrade or you can call the support team to schedule a time to have it done for you!
Here are the notes from the update:
**In this version we have rewritten the entire schd system to improve performance & multi-user usage.  There are some slight formatting changes to the schedules & we've introduced a new "next work day navigation" system on the schedules to keep their load in line with specified dates.  If you have any questions please let us know!

Appointments/Schedules/Care Plans
- Added Visual SOAPer (w/Patient Appt Pattern) to the Schd Layout save/load process
- Added ability to [Remove Coloring] from practitioner schds to help speedup load process (this is set through Utilities -> Practitions -> Setup Wizard -> Schedule Layout)
- Added ability to set break & holiday colors on schedule (Utilities -> System -> System Settings -> Schedules tab)
- Added Appt count limit to birthday reports to help you generate the list for patients who have been in for at least x many appts only.
- Added bullet proofing to Appt Type setup to help with bad values being entered (updated existing bad entries as well)
- Added automatic Quick Patient Add popup to the "Schedule this time (New Appt)" selection.
- Added ability to set whether an appt rebook removes a no show appt or not (Utilities -> System -> System Settings)
- Added ability to select whether a rebook call is removed when anything is booked (default), only when the same modality is booked, or only when the same practitioner is booked.
- Added ability to setup whether to CAPS new patn appts by clinic, prac type, or specific prac (Utilities -> System -> System Settings | setup as prac type by default).  
- Added the ability to filter names on the waiting list to hellp those clinics with large lists.
- As part of the schd rebuild, only the following time intervals are allowed: 5, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30, 35, 45, 60, and 90 - if you require a different interval please contact the development/support team :)
- Rewrote the entire schd system to improve performance.  
- Modified Appointment Times setup (Utilities -> Practitioners -> Setup Wizard) to allow you to turn off warning when booking an appointment for those clinics using the colors as a guide instead of an actual appointment limiter.
- Removed ability to send Reminder emails from the Call List screen - this has been causing a lot of confusion for clinics & causes issues with the reminder logging.
- Modified Appt Type setup screen to open the width of the screen.
- Modified Visual Roomer (VR) appt list to include the prac type & active appts only.
- Modified "Schedule this Time (New Appt)" to auto open the Patient Quick Add.
- Resolved issue with not being able to add columns to a schedule when the appointments were past the end of day.
- Resolved an issue in the Statistics report for very specific criteria with respect to new patient exams for practitioner types with no new patient exams setup.
- Resolved issue where contact type calls were taken off the call list when a new appointment was booked.
- Resolved an issue with removing reminders for cancelled appts.

Billing/Payments/Items/Third Party
- Added ability to receive cheques from multiple/specific payors at once.
- Added 3rdP information to SOA quick report.
- Added Qty & Patn Amt information to 3rd Party Billing reports (on Billing Wizard).
- Added Qty to SOA.
- Added "Normal w/3rd Party" and "ROP w/3rd Party" receipts (security auto-assigned based on existing security).
- Added Default PHP Payr to the System Setup screen to help speed up 3rd party processes.
- Added Direct Deposit selection in Receive 3rd Party Payments screen.
- Added PayType & number to Third Party, Detail Report.
- Added ability to copy a family member's Third Party setup when setting up a new Payr.
- Added ICD10 codes & tools to load & update your existing setup!
- Added 'Bill Difference to Patient?' default to Payor Setup.
- Added [Advanced] option to Payor Setup to allow you to setup custom templates by Payor - allowing you to setup multiple MVA or Extended Insurance options for quicker Patient Payor Setup
- Added ability to setup Per Visit Limits by PracType on a single Payor Setup, allowing you to more easily monitor limits between appt types
- Modified Income Statement to simplify differences between report totals & ytd totals & added ytd date to the report as well.
- Updated RCMP/Blue Cross form to latest version.
- Updated DVA(A), DVA(B), and DVA(AB) to new VAC.  Also updated form to latest version.  On future [Copy] Payr info, everything will copy to DVA/VAC.  In future update the DVA/VAC will simply become VAC (but we wanted it to be a progression to help).
- Modified control used for receipts to try to minimize issues with other software installs/updates.
- Resolved some spelling issues on the Merge Payr Merge screen.
- Resolved the issue in the billing wizard where you could not double click to select an item in the patient list in step 5.
- Resolved issue in the biling wizard where the totals and status of third party amounts on the main screen would not update after billing had been completed
- Resolved issue generating Third Party Receivables that would sometimes require you to generate the Patient Receivables first.
- Resolve issue with billing a patient's other third pary directly from the payment decline process - this will fix moving forward as well as any other previously updated payments.
- Resolved issue with prac's address not showing on first billing of a DVA claim.
- Resolved issue with prac's home address showing instead of clinic in very specific billing processes.
- Resolved issue with MB Health screen saving certain pieces of information.

- Modified Bulk Email process to better return "Family Details" only when there are emails actually going out to multiple family members.
- Modified the list of Email types to try to make it more user friendly.
- Resolved issue where appointments with multiple reminders could go out in the same email if the previous ones were not sent on time.

EOD/SOD Process
- Added EOD 'Email Practitioner Schedules (w/comments)' option for those clinics wanting to auto-email schedules with comments.
- Added schd date to the email subject for EOD Email Practitioner Schedules
- Added the ability to send calendar attachments for the Start/End of day process.
- Added 'Send Critical Window to Call List' to SOD as well - modified both to process always.
- Modified SOD process to only show pracs with available schds - makes more sense for the process :)

- Added the ability to customize the Google calendar timeout in the ini file.
- Added ability to exclude date from new patient letter (for those printing with letterhead).
- Added Todays Date to PDF Form Filling fields (also included it in a new sample form).
- Added PIA Gap Analysis, PIA IMA Template, and PIA IMA Template (No Term) to Help menu to more easily provide these files for clinics working through the PIA process :)
- Modified Facebook icon on toolbar to open a clinic's facebook page if desired - you can set it up in the Utilities -> Clinic -> Clinic Setup screen
- Modified File Selection lists to help filter down files to use :)
- Modified practitioner type list to remove those not in use in the clinic
- Resolved issue with 3d & 7d filters for DoIt Tasks
- Resolved issue with SpecDocs sometimes showing duplicates.

Online Booking 
- Resolved an issue with time slots becoming available after they are booked online but cancelled in ChiroSUITE.

- Added ability to review Doc Review Notes from the CustTracker.
- Added quick "copy to clipboard" button the Patient Label screen to allow those clinics not using Dymo printers or working in environments that don't support Dymo printers, to quickly copy the label to their clipboard to paste into their own software
- Added Practitioner to Call List screen 
- Added Date of Birth & Gender to Patient Quick Add screen.
- Added ISO/IEC 5218 standard for Gender
- Added two new options (to System Settings) for excluding Email and Mailing addresses from Mailing Lists, Defaulted to "No"
- Added receipt last updated information to the checkout screen & patient tracker to help clinics know when they last asked patient about receipt defaults - all patients will be blank to start with.
- Added Call List info to Patient Tracker (again) so you can easily see if a patient is on a call list :)
- Added Patient Access Info screen back onto Patient Tracker (requires user security setting).
- Added SOAP Audit info (open, preview, print) to Patient Access info.
- Modified some display information on the Consent screen.
- Modified last name search to deal with very very rare issue with certain 2 letter last names.
- Modified New Patient reports to include referral information (and referrer name where relevant)
- Modified the behaviour of editing a patient after being added by Quick Add patient, now this status will only change when changes are saved in the New Patient Wizard
- Resolved issue with rapport notes not clearing when updated from the Speed Key form.
- Resolved issue with duplicate SMS addresses causing an error in the new patient wizard when a SMS address had already been added via the quick add new patient screen.
- Resolved issue with Patient Merge in very specific cases.

- Added the audit information on the screen for practitioner holiday hours.
- Added a default Busn Year End date of Jan 1, 2015 for those with none setup.
- Added functionality to Preferred Practitioner Add to allow you to assign a prac pref based on whether the patient has actually seen that prac type or not.
- Added new flag for specifying how previous SOAP records will be checked and defaulted on the SOAP and SOAP Recap screens.
- Modified Y/E Start Date to be the first of the month where you have it set for the last day of the month.
- Modified PracType list to remove leading spaces.
- Modified Google Account Sync defaults to 14 days forward, 3 days backward.
- Modified Google setup screen to allow an easier, temporary removal of a practitioner sync for cases where a practitioner needs to reset their setup - allowing you to easily sync the remaining practitioners :)
- Removed practitioner types that are not being used (currently or historically) to simplify screens.  They can be added back in at any time as desired :)

SOAP Notes & Paperless Office
- Added "SOAP Notes Recap" to schedule popup
- Added the ability to quickly load anyone's speedkey setup to use on-the-fly in the SpeedKey screen (using the drop down error on the left of the screen - this way, if you're seeing someone else's patient or need to borrow a setup really quick you can do so without modifying your own).
- Added new "File Group Type" for categorizing documents to the "Patient Documents/Files" and "Fill PDF Form" screens.
- Added the "Attach from Docs" button to the Email form for selecting Patient Documents/Files
- Added "Finish It Later" SOAP records to the Missing SOAP Screen and Reports.  
- Added a char limit indicator on the edit screen - the speed key has a maximum of 250 chars.
- Added additional logging to track detailed patient SOAP Note viewing/editing.
- Modified SOAP Missing screen to adhere to "Open the SOAP Recap screen" setting.
- Modified SOAP Summary report to make better use of pages by not trying to keep SOAP visit information together on a single page.
- Modified Activator setup screen to allow you to change the technique codes.
- Modified Image reload process to deal with cases where the original question was not saved.
- Modified the Patients Documents/Files screen to save Document Zoom and Rotation
- Resolved issue with Summary not printing in some specific situations.
- Resolved issue with an error when closing the Speed Key setup form from the SOAP Practitioner Question/Response Setup.
- Resolved issue with exceptionally long notes being truncated on reports.
- Resolved issue with No Show appointments showing in the list of Previous Visits appointments.
- Resolved specific navigation issues in the speed key.
- Resolved issue with specific combination of apostrophes & quotes would cause part of the free form response to not save (in these cases, the actual full text is saved in a text file, so easily recovered)
- Resolved issue copying images on notes forward & the flagging of whether to print these images in future notes or not - they will now default to print.

- Added User Logons report (Reports -> User Reports).
- Added User Worked Hours report.
- Added all missing prac users - you may need to change your User acct over to your Prac User acct :)
- Added Security User setting to allow a user to view credit card information - everyone will default to NO in this update (sorry, no way to assume access from our viewpoint).
- Added security setting to control whether a user can bill/writeoff directly from the third party receive screen (all existing users will still have full access - so alter accordingly).
- Added security settings for all Patient Tracker tabs (by default any user with access to the patient tracker will have these added to their security, so you'll need to remove there where appropriate).
- Resolved very rare issue that would sometimes delete all previous phone messages.