ChiroSUITE v5.12.1202 Released!

Hi :)

We released ChiroSUITE v5.12.1202 on December 8th to add in additional functionality but mostly to focus on bug fixes (details below).  As with most updates, this update is optional but STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!  We are releasing this update slowly due to the number of fixes contained within.  We will be upgrading you over the following week & then releasing the update to the update server so you can update additional machines on your own!

Please update to the latest version at your convenience - if you need help or prefer a "sit back & enjoy the update show" approach please just email/call to schedule a time with one of our support staff!  Terminal Server & remote monitored clinics will have their ChiroSUITE automatically by support staff!

Have a great day!
chirosuite Support Staff

( click here to download the update if you are already logged on )

(this list is available directly in ChiroSUITE)

- Added an Appt Type description specifically for online bookings so you can control how patients online are seeing the appt description.

- Added more helpful help messages for the Google calendar errors when the setup is incomplete.

- Added defaults to Item Setup screen to help speed up new item entry.

- Added Computer / SOAP Notes setup to allow for multiple SOAP Notes form styles by machine.

- Added "Finish It Later" to the SOAP Notes screen, allowing you to choose to complete the SOAP Note at a later time & launch it from your DoIt Task List.

- Added the ability to add URLs as spec docs.  These will print to a report or append into your email as links for your patients!

- Added tracking to various Online Booking tables to minimize the processing time when practitioner, appointment types setup is done.

- Added logic to Item Setup screen to hide quantity fields for tax & service/non-inventory items.

- Added additional logic to A/R Patient Wizard to help avoid emailing patients, other patients information!

- Removed prac types from the system that are not being used & are there by default (you can always add them back at a later date if you need them).

- Defaulted appt colors to basic black & white where they were not set by a missing default.  

- Reset the display order for practitioner types to 100.  We have left the adjusting screens in place so you may still go adjust them but if you do, please email us to help us understand why - we are considering removing these in a future update completely!

- Reset the display order for practitioners (apologies to clinics who specifically had this setup, you will need to setup again but we had too many clinics with values all over the place creating issues).  By default after the update all the practitioners will display in alphabetical order (which I think makes much more sense anyway)!

- Modified the Patient Tracker -> Practitioner Preference screen to be larger but to also scroll in cases where the clinic has a long list of practitioner types :)

- Modified SOAP Image setup to only allow jpg (recommended) or bmp images.  If you are currently using images other than these types please convert your images & re-save them to the questions.

- Removed the item type setup screen, setting up custom item types messes with various reports & was causing confusion.  We have reset all custom item types to "service/non-inventory" types instead - you can review your item setup & adjust from there if necessary.  We will introduce "Item Groups" in a future update to allow you to categorize items better in the future.

- Modified A/R Reports -> Daily Appointment vs Billing Summary report to show totals more reflective of the Cashout Summary (because that really is what you are comparing it to anyway)

- Modified Online Booking Practitioner - Appointment Type Setup screen to sort & filter a little easier.

- Changed wording on schd popup to be more consistent with altering appt statuses.

- Modified patient checkout wizard to apply practitioner changes immediately to avoid processing issues.

- Modified A/R Patient Wizard to show the number of patients in brackets behind the report name for all reports to lessen the confusion :)

- Modified A/R Patient Wizard reports to display better when no ARRpt information is being used.

- Resolved an issue with 3rd Party A/R Report re-applying adjustments in some calcs on the report, causing negative numbers - please run your A/R Reports & look for anything that doesn't look correct, please let us know if you find anything!

- Resolve an issue with missing appt color defaults.

- Resolved an issue with setting up new practitioner types.  This fix will allow you to add them as well as cleanup any that you were having issues with.  

- Resolved an intermittent issue with the cashout summary report showing a $0 charge for patients when there was in fact a charge & payment (payment was showing fine).  This was a reporting issue, your data was & will be fine.

- Resolved an issue with not being able to make changes to practitioners schedules if the practitioner was not set up for online booking.

- Resolved an issue with entering the PHP type code on the billing information in the patient tracker.

- Resolved an issue with the Google calendar updates error when the calendar ID is missing during updates.  This issue ties in with a previous issue of a required missing DLL link leaving some of the setup information blank.  If you started using the sync without the DLL issue then you should never have had this issue.

- Resolved an issue with the Practitioner Reports and sending daily schedules via email as well as creating PDF daily schedules.

- Resolved an issue with adding codes in email templates when using the 'add code' button.

- Resolved an issue with not being able to update supplier information.

- Resolved an "type mismatch" errors on the schedule popup menu selections - these issues were happening when you selected in a blank area or right on the line between appts.

- Resolved an issue with EOD/SOD sending SMS message error.

- Resolved an issue with saving advanced searches.

- Resolved issue with sending a test message from the appointment reminder creation screen.

- Resolved an issue in the 3rd Party Receive screen where using the [All Paid] and [All Declined] buttons when the list was filtered down would Pay/Decline all items (not just those filtered down).

- Resolved an issue with the default patient reminders where the reminder setup may have invalid time settings

- Resolved an issue with reminders created from invalid default reminders having incorrect settings

- Resolved an issue with the A/R Reports, Daily Appointment vs. Billing Summary report where filtering multiple times would potentially only return partial results.

- Resolved issue with incorrect data being displayed in the New Patient and Last Visit History reports

- Resolved issue where the incorrect template type could be chosen when templates were set up per practitioner

- Resolved issue where email reminders could possibly be send to the wrong person

- Resolved a SOAP Setup issue that would cause multiple images to be copied for a question that was changed from a multi-response style question to an image style question.  Existing data was cleaned up & the process altered to prevent  a repeat in the future.  The code was also changed to deal with potential future duplications.

- Resolved issue with SOAP where backup notes logging failed if SOAP record did not have any images being saved.

- Resolved issue where deleted or cancelled appointments would not show up if a holiday was booked in the same time interval.

- Resolved issue where email reminders were not being displayed in the Send Email Eeminders screen if the appointment had been rebooked.

- Resolved issue with patient being added to the rebook call list when deleting appointments from the schedules.

- Resolved issue with repeatable DoIt Task items sometimes completing instead of repeating.

- Resolved issue with the Patient task list showing blank when patient had only Finish It Later tasks on their list.

Geeky Fixes for Internal Tracking
- added Users Logged in to auto-open with @Admin logon for quick troubleshooting & so you know who is logged into ChiroSUITE when taking over
- resolved issue with the backup path being set incorrectly on conversions
- cleared tblCust_PatnPracPref for Comp (conversion clinics only)
- added msgbox for stripped out email setup on internal file inspection to avoid emailing issues