ChiroSUITE v4.9.9091 Released!

Hi :)

We released ChiroSUITE v4.9.9091 on September 22nd to add in some additional functionality and fix a few issues (details below).  Although most updates are somewhat optional, this is a mandatory update for the end of October due to some security changes made to the remote desktop support software we use!  You can easily upgrade using the [Check for Updates] button in ChiroSUITE or the Toolbox - if you would like assistance please contact technical support to arrange a time for us to remote in & give you a hand :)

Please update to the latest version at your convenience - if you need help or prefer a "sit back & enjoy the update show" approach please just email/call to schedule a time with one of our support staff!  Terminal Server & remote monitored clinics will have their ChiroSUITE automatically by support staff!

Have a great day!
chirosuite Support Staff

( click here to download the update if you are already logged on )

(this list is available directly in ChiroSUITE)

- added Id# field & Policy Holder DOB to Extended Insurance setup
- added Policy Holder DOB to "Billing Wiz, To Bill" report
- added OVERDUE warning to Email/SMS Text Message sending screens as well as provided a way to remove them quickly
- added "Hour of Operation" stats to the Statistics Reports screen
- added additional tax reports (Reports -> Tax Reports) to add support for various tax items (GST & PST or multiple GST items), these reports also allow for the ability to generate totals with date & item details or date, patn & item details
- added sorting to SOA 3rd Party Statement for consistency
- added PHP number lookup on new Payr records
- added "Reminder Email Description" and "Reminder SMS Description" to appt type setup so that you can specify how the appts appear on email/sms going out to patients
- added "Write-Offs by Date Range" report to A/R Reports screen
- added functionality to email edit screen to update existing appt reminders as well
- added "Email Log Files" function to the Help menu to help troubleshoot email issues easier
- added Patient Comments screen & report for quick editing of patient comments

- modified logo placing code to ignore when image cannot be found (instead of throwing a pointless error) - score 1 for the good guys!!
- modified Billing Adjustment screen to show conversion amounts
- modified Mailing List creation to exclude inactive patients at all times
- modified Appt Type / Rpt Type setup to work a little easier
- modified Lawyer Invoice to exclude "You and your patient…"
- modified Appt reminder setup to not allow you to select the "no thanks" email
- modified Patient Tracker address display to see the postal code easier
- modified Patient Reports to no longer allow you to email off patient reports to avoid emailing groups of patients, patient lists by mistake (this has happened a few too many times)
- modified email form to show attached reports in the attachment box
- modified height of menu form to help avoid the "sinking menu" effect
- modified call list screen to provide warning on trying to close the screen after any changes have been made
- modified new patient wizard to default user's php default
- modified no show billing process to refresh active patient balance owing

- resolved issue with no show billing randomly choosing only 1 billing item in cases where multiple items are setup & no show billing rules are set to bill the *Original Item
- resolved issue with "Top Patients" reports when running for a specific practitioner
- resolved issue with "Patient List by Price Level" Create Mailing list process for Postal ONLY process
- resolved issue with Normal & Normal w/Schd receipts if the prac Business Entity had an apostrophe in it
- resolved issue with Labels that include a cell phone number pulling the home phone area code
- resolved issue with Year End Rollover processing dropping the "Bill Patient Difference" setting

- removed appt reminder info from patient tracker & call list where the user has not removed after updating email address to "no thanks"