Balancing the Daily Payments / Cashout Summary

The Cash out Summary should be run daily and balanced to your cash drawer & point of sale machine, we highly recommend doing a midday and/or shift change balance. In this scenario you would NOT deposit sales from your POS machine, simply run a report to see sale breakdown for balancing. If you do not know how to run a report from your POS machine without depositing contact your provider.

Reports -> A/R Reports
1. Select Cashout Summary.
2. Select which report you would like to view, by Practitioner or Business Entity. In most cases it will be Business Entity.
3. Select Criteria. Default selections rarely need to be changed here.
4a. [Preview]. If the Cashout Summary does not match your POS machine & cash drawer this MUST be fixed! Locate the error and correct it through Billing Adjustment, this involves a highlighter & cross referencing your POS slips with the cashout summary. We suggest you write the patients last name on the top of each of your slips to make this process seamless.
 4b. Once balanced [Print] or be green & [PDF] to a folder on your computer for cashout summaries.



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