User Logon: New Staff Setup, Reset Password, Deactivate Account, Security Settings

We take security rights very seriously & cannot make the decision as to which settings a User/Practitioner has. This should be managed entirely at the clinic level by the business owner and/or office manager. Certain settings (such as past billing adjustments and non-financial debits/credits)  have financial impacts. We do NOT recommend giving full access to all staff and practitioners. Tip! Practitioners who have already been added to ChiroSUITE do NOT need to be added as a new user, as they have a logon the moment they are setup as a new practitioner. 

Users -> User Setup

1. Click [New Rec] if adding new staff to ChiroSUITE, follow setup steps.
2. Select name from "Quick Search" to continue new user setup or to edit the logon account of a current user/practitioner.
3-6. Navigate through each tab & make appropriate changes. Tip! View setup of another staff member if you're not sure what settings to apply here.
7. Click [User Security Rights] to setup applicable access for the user/practitioner, see second screenshot for instruction on how to assign security rights. Tip! We do NOT recommend giving full access to staff and practitioners.
8a. If this is a NEW user do nothing, the first time the user/practitioner logs on to ChiroSUITE they will be prompted to set a private password. Tip! The first time a new user/practitioner logs on their password is the exact same as their logon name.
8b. If user/practitioner is NOT new and you need to reset their password click [Reset Password], this changes their password back to their logon name for reset. Then click [Password], their current password will be their logon name, enter new password, verify, & click [Ok].
9a. If NEW user click [QuickLock Code], current lock code is always 0000, enter new lock code, verify, and click [Ok].
9b. If user/practitioner is NOT new and you need to reset their quick lock code click [Reset QuickLock Code], this changes their lock code back to 0000. Then click [QuickLock Code], their current lock code is 0000, enter new lock code, verify, & click [Ok].
10. If user/practitioner is no longer employed at your office click [Deactivate] to ensure ChiroSUITE can no longer be accessed.

Setting up Security Rights

1. Ensure the user/practitioner you're setting up is the highlighted person in the list.
2. IF there is another person in your office you would like to grant the same security rights from, find them in the drop down menu and click [Copy FROM -> To]. Tip! Best case scenario here. :)
3. Select from our list of pre programmed settings by "User Logon Level" & click [Reset User to Security Level], ensure you view settings & edit accordingly.
4. Type the setting you're seeking and click [Apply Filter] when trying to search for a specific security settings. Tip! Use only one or two words in your search based on the screen access you are trying to find.
5. Ensure the setting you wish to move is highlighted, use the < > between the columns to move between Available & Unavailable processes.

We CANNOT decide which security settings to give to users/practitioners in your office, this decision MUST be made by the business owner/office manager. Keep in mind everything is tracked in ChiroSUITE, we HIGHLY recommend every person in your office has their own logon.


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