Duplicate Patients: How to Merge and Run Report

To avoid confusion at the front desk, we highly recommend the duplicate patient report be run & managed regularly.
Reports -> Patient Reports -> Patient List (Duplicates) -> Click [Preview] or [Print]. Run the report with and without DOB to determine which best suits your needs.

Merge Duplicate Patients

Patients -> Merge Duplicate Patients...
READ RED SCREEN in order to move forward..
Note: The Active patient will be displayed in the 'Merge From' field. If this is the duplicate patient, search for the patient you wish to 'Merge To' and click [Next]. Tip! Its important you do this correctly, the process cannot be undone.
Four screens will pop up to merge (address, phone, email, & credit card). Select the data you wish to keep and click [Next]. On the final screen click [Merge]. Your duplicate patient will now be merged to your appropriate patient.


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