Family Billing Setup OR Split Family Billing

Linking patients together for Family Billing allows family members to share credits on account as well as be arrived & checked out together; thereby speeding up the check out process. Linking families also enables users to view all family members in the patient window & quick navigation for booking appointments.
Tip! Determine who Head of Household should be, this is normally the person that is paying or comes in often with the other family members. 

Patients -> Patient/Family Billing Setup

1. Search "Head of Household".
2. Select "Relationship & Related To", confirm correct Price Level.
3. Click [Process].

Patients -> Split  Patient/Family Billing Setup

1. Select patients you wish to split.
2. Click [Split Selected Family Member from Head of Household].
Tip! Whoever is Head of Household will be the recipient of emailed receipts.



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