Email Template Usage

The Email Template Usage allows you to setup default Email/SMS templates to be used when a specific process is run that involves sending an email/SMS to your patients. For example, when you click the email icon next to the 'Email' information in Patient Tracker, this triggers the 'General Emails -> Blank Emails' Template Type. Whatever email is set up under the 'Template To Use' field in 'Email Template Usage', will pull up. In our example below, 'Blank Template' is the default that has been set up. 

Utilities -> Email/SMS -> Email Template Usage

1. Template Types - these are the 5 main Template Types (1. Appointment Emails 2. General Emails 3. Patient Emails 4. System Reports 5. Schedules)
2. Process or area in system related to the Template Type, i.e., The 'Single Appt:' process exists under 'Appointment Emails' and is triggered when a single appointment  'Appointment reminder' is sent.
3. Template To Use - This displays the current default template that is set up.
4. Select the required template from the dropdown to edit the current default.
5. Ellipses [...] - this will launch the Email Templates screen and display the linked Template Type and Template associated to this Process. See final screenshot for example of how the [...] works.
6. Click [Save] if any changes were made.

Using the Ellipses [...] button:

For more information on Adding or Editing your Email Templates, click here: Email Template Setup


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