3rd Party Over payment - Patient Payment To Go Back as a Credit

This article is for when there is a 3rd party over payment and it has been confirmed that the original patient payment will need to go back to the patient as a credit. This means on a previous visit the 3rd party over paid (the paid amount was higher than the submitted amount in ChiroSUITE).  For example: A visit was $40.00. The 3rd party was billed for $35.00 in ChiroSUITE and the patient paid $5.00. The 3rd Party paid the full amount of $40.00, so the original patient payment of $5.00 needs to go back to the patient as a credit. 


Has the 3rd party over payment been received and reconciled?  If so, the patient should have a new Third Party billing item line to reflect the over payment amount. This will be indicated with 'Rcvd$Diff' and the original billing date in the 'Item' column. 
If not, click here for information on how to reconcile an over payment: 3rd Party Reconciliation Wizard - Over payments

These next steps will take you through the process of reversing the private patient billing that was already processed. Make sure you have all of the information from the original billing.  The reversal will create a credit that can be:

Option 1: Put back on the the patient's account 
Option 2: Refunded back to the patient.

Billing -> Patient Billing

Transaction Date and 3rd Party billing date - We always recommend leaving dates and NOT back dating.  If you are changing the date, make sure you are aware of how this affects your data for reporting, which will affect paying practitioners and balancing.

1. Ensure that you have selected the correct patient and that ALL billing details are exactly the same as the original transaction. If you need to verify the original billing details, click [Statement of Account Wizard] at the bottom left of the Patient Billing Screen.
2. Put a negative (-) in front of "Qty".
3. Make notes/reason for return, i.e. a reference to the original billing date. Tip! This information will be displayed in the 'Notes' field in the SOA (Statement of Account).
Click [Next]. DO NOT CLICK ON [Process Payments].  

To put the credit back on the patient's account continue with Option 1 steps, if you wish to refund the patient payment, skip to Option 2 

Option 1: Credit to be put onto the patient's account:
This is a two-step process. 
Step 1:
  1. Select a 'Pay Type', i.e. 'Cheque' or 'Cash'.  Note: Whatever pay type you use here is going to need to be used in Step 2 in order balance your daily cash out.
  2. Click [Process Payments].
Note: 'Pay Date:' The default is the current date. We recommend leaving it as is, but if you had changed the date in the first screen, you will need to change this date to match.

Step 2:
You will need to open a new screen under:

Billing -> Receive Patient Payments
  1. Select the same pay type and amount as your reversal (in our example above we used cash, so we will use 'Cash' here).
  2. Click [Process Payments].
Note: 'Pay Date:' The default is the current date. We recommend leaving it as is, but if you had changed the date in Step 1, you will need to change this date to match.

Tip! By using both a (-) and (+) amount paid to cash, this will have no affect on your day end as they zero each other out (no $$ exchanged hands).
In our example, there is a positive ($5) and negative (-$5) 'Cash' payment. 

The credit is now on the patient's A/R as shown in the following screenshot.

Option 2: Credit to be refunded back to patient:

Note: Make sure that you have completed the Patient Billing Reversal step as shown at the top of the article (i.e., Billing->Patient Billing - create negative billing for original billing item(s) and click [Next]).
  1. Select the 'Pay Type' you will be refunding back.  In this example we will be refunding the patient by Debit.
  2. Click [Process Payments]. 

You now will show a negative payment in your daily cash out report that will need to match with a POS refund slip or some other form of refund (i.e. cash refund). 
In our example, there should be a POS Debit refund slip to match the Debit refund on the Daily cash out report. 

The refund is now complete.


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