Reversal for 3rd Party Billing

This article will take you through the process of reversing a billing for 3rd party that has already been processed. Make sure you have all of the information from the original billing.  The reversal will create a negative 3rd Party billing.

Billing -> Patient Billing

Transaction Date and 3rd Party billing date -  We always recommend leaving dates and NOT back dating.  If you are changing the date, make sure you are aware of how this affects your data for reporting, which will affect paying practitioners and balancing.

  1. Ensure that you have selected the correct patient and that ALL billing details, including the original Third Party Payor, are exactly the same as the original transaction. If you need to verify the original billing details, click [Statement of Account Wizard] at the bottom left of the Patient Billing Screen. 
  2. Put a negative (-) in front of "Qty".
  3. Notes: Any important information about the reversal can be added here, i.e., a reference to the original billing date. Tip! This information will be displayed in the 'Notes' field in the SOA (Statement of Account).
  4. Click [Next] or  [Process Payments].  

If you clicked [Next]

  1. Click [Process Payments].

The negative 3rd Party amount is now sitting in '3rd Party A/R' in 'Waiting to send' status as shown in the following screenshot. The normal steps will need to be taken to create the 3rd Party Billing and change the status to 'Sent(waiting to receive)'. If you require more information on how to do this, click here: Creating a 3rd Party Invoice/Online Billing

After completing the 3rd Party Billing, the NEGATIVE amount (indicated by brackets) is now sitting in '3rd Party A/R' in 'Sent(waiting to receive)' status. In The Statement of Account (SOA) > Third Party (Owing) tab, a NEGATIVE value will be displayed in the submitted column.


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