Inventory Reports

Reports -> Inventory Reports

To make any changes to items: Utilities -> Items -> Item Setup

Tip! The Criteria is helpful depending on what report you are running. Example: Use Item Type to select inventory or services/non-inventory for easier viewing on reports like Item Lists.
Tip! If using ChiroSUITE for inventory tracking points, 3 & 4 are for you.  If not, then disregard those points.  
Tip! Categorizing all inventory as such (not as a service) is important for reports and financial tracking. 

1a. Item List -> Summary:  Provides a quick list of services and/or inventory that you see in the drop down when billing patients. A good overview for ensuring wording on receipts is accurate and for reviewing anything no longer used.  
1b. Item List -> Detailed: Shows items, taxes y/n, quantity, cost, price. Tip! This is a must and starting point for implementing inventory tracking. 
2. Item Price Level/Payor: Provides a list of all items and the Price Levels that are currently set up for each item as well as the Payors that are set up for each item.
3a. Reorder Sheet: A list of ALL products with details of quantity on hand, reorder level and a space for jotting down if reordering. 
3b. Reorder Sheet (needs reordering items only): Same information as #3 BUT only gives you what is required. Tip! Gives you only items under the Reorder Level.  It is the preferred report for ordering.
4. Item Valuation: Gives you what products were in-house as of a certain date. You would be using 'Receive Items' when shipments come in. Tip! Run for year end dates. 
5. Suppliers List:  Gives supplier name, address, phone number.  To enter suppliers: Utilities -> Items -> Add Supplier
6a. Item Expiry by Expiry Date: Lists expiry date first then item.
6b. Item Expiry by Item: Lists Item first then expiry date. 



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