Inventory (Item) Reports

Reports -> Item Reports. 

To make any changes to items: Utilities -> Items -> Item Setup

Tip! The Criteria is helpful depending on what report you are running. Example: Use Item Type to select inventory or services/non-inventory for easier viewing on reports like Item Lists.
Tip! If using ChiroSUITE for inventory tracking points 3 & 4 are for you.  If not then disregard those points.  
Tip! Categorizing all inventory as such (not as a service) is important for reports and financial tracking. 

1. Item List -> Summary.  Provides a quick list of services and/or inventory that you see in the drop down when billing patients. A good overview for ensuring wording on receipts is accurate and for reviewing anything no longer used.  
2. Item List -> Detailed. Shows items, taxes y/n, quantity, cost, price. Tip! This is a must and starting point for implementing inventory tracking. 
3a. Reorder Sheet: A list of ALL products with details of quantity on hand, reorder level and a space for jotting down if reordering. 
3b. Reorder Sheet (needs reordering items only): Same information as #3 BUT only gives you what is required. Tip! Gives you only items under the Reorder Level.  It is the preferred report for ordering.
4. Item Valuation: gives you what products were in-house as of a certain date. You would be using 'Receive Items' when shipments come in. Tip! Run for year end dates. 
5. Suppliers List:  Gives supplier name, address, phone number.  To enter suppliers: Utilities -> Items -> Add Supplier
6a. Item Expiry by Expiry Date: Lists expiry date first then item.
6b. Item Expiry by Item:Lists Item first then expiry date. 



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