Receipt of Payment (ROP)

ROP (top toolbar) is used for patients who wish to have statements run for a specific date range versus each visit and/or certain items excluded from the receipt, most often product.

1. Select patient.
2. Click [Next].
Tip! The next few screens allow for further filtering if required. They are not shown in this article.

1. Select Statement Option and Date Range.
2. Click [Next].

Tip! If you use "Build New Statement" the screen will save the date the statement was printed & appear in "Since last statement date" box the next time you come into ROP for this patient, thereby tracking when statements are generated.

1. Select which items to Include/Exclude. Tip! * means item included.
2. Click [Next], Process Statement then, Preview, Print OR Email in the following screen.

For more information see our "ROP Wizard" video -> You can access the videos directly through ChiroSUITE by going to Help -> ChiroSUITE Help Videos -> ROP Wizard.



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