Online Booking Step 2

Tip! All Online Booking setup AND future changes/additions are done on your side.
Tip! Having already watched the webinar video, it should now take 20-30 minutes to set this up. 

1. Determine who will do the OB setup. 
2. Watch the Online Booking video: Help -> ChiroSUITE Help Videos . 
3. Fill out the form and send it in. It must be signed by the registered owner of ChiroSUITE: File -> Integrations/Modules.
4. Once we receive the form you will be contacted by support. 
5. Contact support at any time. 

Tip! Ensure statutory and holidays are in ChiroSUITE a year ahead or as soon as a practitioner notifies you. 
To learn how to setup stat/holiday hours click here: Holidays or Time Off on Practitioner Schedules.

Utilities -> Scheduling -> Appointment Types/Billing Setup -> Select Practitioner Type -> Click [Edit] above "This appointment type".

1. OB Desc - This is what patients see online. Ensure it makes sense to your patients.
2. OB Show Time - This would be NO for most appointment types so patients cannot not see how much time the appointment books on a schedule, but if you would like your patient to know how much time is blocked for the appointment, select 'Yes' here. 

Utilities -> Practitioners -> Setup Wizard -> Work Schedule -> Select Practitioner -> OB Times(break times are the same) 

1. OB Times - Note the times initially will be the same as your current work schedule. 1.If you want these to be more restrictive for online bookings, modify the times here.
2. Day of Week Schedule - If making a change select the day you require and click [Edit].

Tip! If using less columns (for multi-column schedules), you are required to have a new start date in the Work Schedule - regardless of changes in it or not - and match that date in the Schedule Layout below. 
Utilities -> Practitioners -> Setup Wizard -> Schedule Layout -> Select Practitioner -> [Edit] the top "Effective From" record.

1. OB Interval Columns - Manage the number of columns online.  If practitioners have more than 1 column reducing the number of columns online allows more control over your schedules. 
2. OB Interval Time -  If expanding interval times, keep consistent with current time intervals (i.e., For 15 minute intervals, use 30 minutes online OR for 10 minute intervals, use 20 minutes online). Please call support if you require assistance with this feature. 

The next section will walk you through each Tab option in OB Clinic Setup:

Utilities -> OB (Online Booking) -> OB Clinic Setup -> Clinic
Tip!  Click [SAVE] in EACH screen.  When you want to view your progress put check mark into 'Auto sync with server on close?'

1. Clinic: All areas are to be filled in. Note: you can use HTML coding to change color, bold, font etc. 
2. Header Image: Normally an image that is in line with your clinic and/or website. Keep it to the recommended size shown under this section.
Tip! Save the documents ONLY for ChiroSUITE under  'This PC -> csv5data (S:) -> Your Files' (note some offices have a different network drive letter).        
3. Auto-sync with server on close: While doing the clinic setup check this off when you [Save]. Tip! Use the Auto-Sync as you move from screen to screen so you can see progress/changes when use #4.
4. Open Online Booking Site: To take a look at your progress. NOTE: your site does not go live until you have put the web link up. Use this button at any time to see the changes on your site as you create it. 
Tip! Under 'Clinic Header' you can also do something like: '(clinic name) charges for no shows on massage therapy'. You can put more details about this under 'Clinic Information'.   

Utilities -> OB (Online Booking) -> OB Clinic Setup -> Terms

1. Terms: Terms are for the entire clinic so ensure they are clear and concise. Note: you can use HTML coding to change color, bold, font etc.
2. Terms Required & Terms Date/Time: Does your office require terms? If yes, select 'Yes' and continue to -> Terms Date/Time.  If 'No date specified' is selected, this will force 'Terms and Conditions' to come up each time the patient visits your online site. If 'Date specified' is selected, this will ensure 'Terms and Conditions' come up only the first time the patient visits your online site. Note: If you change your terms you can put the current date in and use [Update to Now (this will force everyone to agree to terms again)].
3. Terms and Conditions (2000 char max):  Add any pertinent information here that you want your patient to agree to before booking online (i.e. Covid questionnaire must be completed just before entering clinic).
Utilities -> OB (Online Booking) -> OB Clinic Setup -> Skin Type

1. Skin Type: When making a selection from the drop down, the screen will change to give you an idea of how your Online Booking will appear online. If at any time there is no change that means the particular skin type selected is no longer available through Windows.

Utilities -> OB (Online Booking) -> OB Clinic Setup -> Globals/Defaults

1. Globals/Defaults: Clinic wide settings for you online booking site as a default.
2. Global Settings: Clinic wide settings for blocking spots hourly then showing in row or not.  Suggestion: Finish the  OB setup  then use [Open Online booking Site] from the "Clinics" tab to determine you choice here. Make changes, sync and refresh the site. 
3. Defaults (but set by practitioner on Pracs tab):  These defaults will populate when adding practitioners to your online booking setup. However, you can make changes to specific practitioners under "Pracs" tab (see next section).

Utilities -> OB (Online Booking) -> OB Clinic Setup -> Pracs

1. Pracs: This is where you edit or add in practitioners
2. View active only: In order to assign online booking to practitioners take the check mark out of this box. Anyone not yet online will then show in the list. 
3. Starting (Sun):  During the initial setup process, use the recent Sunday.  
4. Months to Book: How many months ahead do you want patients to book. This can be longer (2-4 months fro example) if your practitioner is not one to change their schedule often, or can be shorter if your practitioner's schedule varies often 
5. Booking Delay (hours): If a patient gets online at this moment, how far out would they be able to book.  Most offices have 12-36 hour window of time, but it depends on the flexibility of your practitioners.  
Example:  If a practitioner leaves the office Friday and thinks there are no appointments Monday morning, that could be an issue. 
6. Show Prac Type: Generally it the same for all practitioners.  Would it be helpful to see your practitioners listed under their practitioner type?  example: Chiropractic: Dr Seuss. 
7. Contiguous Book: This features guides patient choices so an appointment, such as a 45 minute massage, is not in the middle of a block that might be good for two 60 minute massages. 
Tip! Flag as 'Yes' for massage, or, if you have appointments like New Patient available online. 
8. Show Special Instructions: this allows patients to be able to make comments on their booking screen.
9. Warn on LastD?: Change to Yes ONLY if  you book differently for patients who have not been in recently, so staff will see this and book accordingly. If yes see #10.
10. If #9 is yes, this is your time line for patients who have not been in recently.  Example: If a practitioner does re-exam's for patients not in for a year or more put '12' here.
11. Jump to CurDate: When a patient books online, do you want them to see the current date or the week where the first available appointment is for their selection. 
12. Past DRange Msg: Typically you would leave the  Global Default go here, but this can be modified as required.  
13. Auto-remove appt types that require more columns than using?:  This is for practitioners that have less columns posted online than in their actual schedules.  
14. Send confirmation Email to patient after booking online?: This is the appointment request email the patient receives at the time of booking that tells them they will receive a confirmation email. 
15. Confirmation BCC: Does your practitioner want online booking appointment requests at the time patients book (not confirmations)?   
16. Prac Disclaimer: When a patient books with this practitioner is there anything they need to know or bring? does this prac (not all) have a cancellation policy, do they require patients to bring their running shoes in (etc).
17. Prac Email: ONLY fill this in if your practitioner has authorized their email address be visible when booking online. 
18. Prac Notes: A short note about your practitioner.  This could be similar to their profile, advising their area of specialization. 
19. Landing Page: Once a patient submits the appointment, this would direct them to the web page of your choice. 
20. Display CC: IF your office takes credit cards for no shows ensure this is in the terms and say yes here. If yes, you can have the 'CC required' be yes ONLY if they need to have one to book online. 
21. Default Appt: This will be filled in after the 'Prac Appts' is completed which is your next step. 

Utilities -> OB (Online Booking) -> OB Clinic Setup -> Prac Appts

1. Prac Appts: Appointments available online are specific to each practitioner.
2. To Launch Appts: If the screen with practitioner names and appointments does not come up click here.
3. Practitioner: This list is who you will see online. Select the first one then go to point 4. 
4. Appt Type Descriptions: Determine what appointments are to be online and move them to point 5. 
5. Practitioner - Appointment Types for OB: (OB Description/Appt Description): anything in this list will be available online. 
6. After this is setup go back to point 16 on the previous screen shot and fill that in. 

Utilities -> OB (Online Booking) -> OB Clinic Setup -> Links for Web Dev

Tip! Prior to the next step use the 'Auto-sync with server on close' or the Sync on main screen (down arrow).

1. Links for Web Dev:  A link is put on either by someone at your office or someone that takes care of your website. You have many choices here as to what link goes onto your website. Most offices have one on their home screen. some also have links on practitioner pages or profiles. 
Read through each colored section to see what your office prefers.  Use the options to copy, email etc to the right of the link(s) you will use. 
Once the link is posted you are LIVE!!

Utilities -> OB (Online Booking) -> OB Clinic Setup -> Troubleshooting

Use this tool if you are having online booking oddities & something seems to have 'mucked up' your data, this tool will help you reset your data to publish online again. Make sure you are refreshing or relaunching your Online Booking after you sync again. If problems persist, please contact the support team. 

You are now done with the Online Booking Clinic setup.

1. Setup up OB sync on SOD/EOD. (Clinic -> Start/End of Day Setup) if you use this. 
2. Use the OB 'sync' on main screen (down arrow) throughout the day once your Online Booking is live. 
3. For offices open on the weekend ensure the last one leaving syncs the OB .

Tip! Help your patients remember you have Online Booking by mentioning this on receipts, to learn how to setup receipt footers click here: Receipt Footers

For more information see our "Online Booking" video -> You can access the videos directly through ChiroSUITE by going to Help -> ChiroSUITE Help Videos -> Online Booking. 


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