Receiving Payments/Credit on Account (Private Patient non 3rd party)

To put a payment/credit on account.

Billing -> Receive Patient Payments

1. Select Pay Type & Amount.
2. Click [Process Payments].
Tip! If there is an outstanding balance on the account and you wish to create a credit that will NOT be applied to the balance owing click [Zero-out Owing to Create Credits Only].

To pay outstanding balance(s).

Billing -> Receive Patient Payments

1. Click [Pay by Item] if NOT paying all items at once or by the same pay type. Note: The option to [Pay by Business Entity], [Pay by Practitioner], [Pay by Practitioner/Family] also exists.
2. Select Pay Type & Amount.
3. Click [Process Payments].
Tip! ChiroSUITE will always apply payments to the oldest outstanding balance unless you use [Pay by Item].


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