Understanding "Status" in 3rd Party


Waiting to Send: This means the appointment was checked out, but the billing has NOT been processed through the 3rd party billing wizard.

Sent(waiting to rec): This means the billing HAS been processed through the 3rd party billing wizard and payment is ready to be received. Tip! In this case we would assume (or hope) that the invoice has been sent or the online billing processed. Your office should have this defined in your office policies and procedures manual.

Paid: The billing has been paid.

Declined: This means the billing has been declined. None of the billing amount originally submitted was received.

Overpaid: This means more than the originally submitted amount was received. 

Partially Paid: Only a portion of the originally submitted amount was received.

Tip! Any time you see an amount that is partially paid, overpaid, or declined it's a good time to check your 3rd party reconciliation wizard to ensure there are no billings left in a state of flux. To learn more about the 3rd party reconciliation wizard click here: 3rd Party Reconciliation Wizard

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