Google Forms for Subjective Notes

We have built in a process for offices looking to eliminate note taking time and have patients fill in their own SOAP note.

Tip! The form below is a sample only, customize and create your own google forms. 

To learn how to create google forms click here: Tutorial Google Forms

Once the form has been created the questions need to be imported into ChiroSUITE.

1. Click "Responses" tab on google form.
2. Click green + to launch in excel.
3. Highlight question line & copy.

Utilities -> SOAP -> Google Forms Setup

1. Click [New Rec] if applicable.
2. Fill in Google Form Details. Tip! You may want to test and see how punctuation appears in SOAP note, tweaking as desired.
3. Click [Save].
4. Click [Load/Edit] to copy questions created in Google Forms.

Once the initial setup is done, highlight patient's response in Excel, launch the SOAP note and click "Paste from Google forms" button to populate your SOAP note.


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