SpecDocs (Specific Documents)

SpecDocs allow for quick access to print or email documents and/or web links that are commonly used in your office. 


To upload a document (PDF) to SpecDocs click the green + under the SpecDocs tab.

Tip! Save the documents ONLY for ChiroSUITE under  'This PC -> csv5data (S:) -> Your Files' (note some offices have a different network drive letter).


Locate the document you wish to upload, highlight, click [Select File(s)].


Select  "File Type" from the drop down menu. Click [Save]. Tip! Use the green + to add new File Types.


Select the SpecDoc you wish to print or email, click [Email Sel] or [Print Sel].



To learn how to link SpecDocs (documents and/or websites) to SOAP notes click here: Communicating Treatment Recommendations to Front Desk


To upload a website link SpecDocs click the blue + under the SpecDocs tab, web links are typically exercises/stretches linked to SOAP notes.


Paste the website URL, select URL Type, name the link in the description field, click [Save].


Select the SpecDoc you wish to email, click [Email Sel].


Tip! When emailing SpecDocs (either documents or web links) create a template in email setup for quick & efficient use of this feature. To learn how to setup email templates in ChiroSUITE click here: Email Template Setup



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