Adding New Billing Items, Adding New Appointments & Linking to Billing

Adding new appointments and linking to billing is a THREE step process.

Step 1: Create new billing item.

Utilities -> Items -> Item Setup

1. Click [New Rec].
2. Enter 'Item Details'.  Ensure you determine the Item Type as Service/Non-Inventory OR Inventory.
3. Click [Save].  Tip! If you have added in an 'Inventory' item you are done at this point.  For services see #4.
4. Patn/Payor Split: If this is a service, click [Add/Edit] and fill this side out as it ensures successful checkouts for appointments.  Tip! If you're not sure how to setup here look at setup of another item in your office.

Step 2: Add New Appointment

Utilities -> Scheduling -> Appointment Type/Billing Setup

Click [Edit] (see in above screenshot) to launch "Appointment Types Setup" screen seen below. Fill in appropriate details in EACH column using your [Tab] key to navigate between each. Tip! Once all columns are completed click the red X to close out of the screen.

Step 3: Link Appointment to Billing (see B and C in screenshot above)

1. Click [Add] enter start date for the appointment to be linked to billing. 
2. Click [Edit] to launch "Appt Item Setup" screen.
3. Use the drop down menu to find the billing item you wish to link to the appointment.
4. Click [Save].
5. Once completed there will be a * next to the appointment to indicate setup is complete.



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