Income Statements: Paying Practitioners

For most offices the report used to pay Practitioners is the Income Statement.
Reports -> A/R Reports
1. Select Income Statement, By Practitioner, & Date.
2. Select Criteria.
3. Click [Re-Calculate All Daily Transactions].
4. Click [Preview] or [Print] or [PDF].
Understanding the Income Statement
1. Private patient billings and payments.
2. Third party billings and payments.
3. Private Patient totals.
4. Third Party totals.
5. YTD (year to date) Private Patient.
6. YTD Third Party.
7. Report total of Private Patient & Third Party. ** MOST USED !!
**NOTE: If there are debits/credits, tax or write-offs, ensure you understand what you are paying on.  
8. YTD Report Total of Private Patient & Third Party.



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