Online Booking Step 1

The VERY first step to begin the process of getting Online Booking going in your office is to watch our Online Booking Webinar. This should be watched by both the Business Owner & the person who is taking the lead on setting up OB in your office. The webinar is 54 minutes and can be launched directly through ChiroSUITE by going to Help->ChiroSUITE Help Videos.

Tip! Do NOT proceed directly to the setup article (Step 2) without watching the webinar first. The webinar poses questions you will need answers to BEFORE starting setup with the article.

If you have watched the video, then proceed to Online Booking Step 2:


 Email or Call toll free at 855.509.1111 


Training video's and webinars can be accessed directly through ChiroSUITE!

Help->ChiroSUITE Help Videos 


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