Feb 2019 - Texting From Your Computer

February 2019 - Texting From Your Computer
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In the Windows 10 October 1809 update they have added a "Your Phone" app that allows you to connect your Android phone (sorry iPhone users) to your computer & text directly from there - this is a GREAT way to allow your clinic to text with your patients!

There are a few things to think about if you want to provide this service to your patients...

1. This is NOT a ChiroSUITE thing, we are simply providing details here as we have clinics that would like this ability in their clinic.

2. This process requires that you have an Android phone connected to your computer - all texting & other charges would apply as they would with any other phone.  I do NOT recommend using an existing phone as people will continue texting after hours when you leave.  I do recommend forwarding the phone number to your main clinic line in case someone calls the number directly.  
  • For testing purposes & to help you decide if this is something you want to implement at your clinic, by all means you can use your existing phone.
3. This does also provide you the ability to provide an after hours number if desired?  You could make use of our TeamViewer to remote into the clinic to book appts or setup ChiroSUITE's Online Booking for free to book appts after hours if desired.

For our example here, we are using a Samsung Galaxy A8 & Windows 10 PC that we do not have connected to our Microsoft account... so your steps may slightly vary, but this should lead you through the gist of it :)

On your PC
1. Verify you are running Windows 10 1809 - to do this click the Start button in the bottom left of your computer & when the start menu pops up just type "WinVer" (without the quotes of course) and hit [Enter].  This should open the About Windows box to tell you what version you are running (you can alternately get the same information from Start -> Settings -> System -> About).

On your Phone
1. You also need to confirm that your phone is running Android 7.0 or better (on the Galaxy A8 you can verify this by going to Settings -> About Phone -> Software Information).
2. Open the Play Store & search for "Your Phone Companion" (again, without the quotes) and click [Install].
3. Once finished, click [Open] to open the app & connect your Phone to your PC using the charging cable.  You will be prompted to "Allow access to phone data?", click to Allow.
4. Check the "My PC is ready" box & click to [Connect my PC].
5. To finish linking your Phone and PC you'll have to click to [Sign in with Microsoft].
6. Click [Continue] to set permissions - there were 4 options, I just agreed my way through all of them, but you may wish to only Allow specific ones.  
7. Click [Continue] to stay connected.
8. Click to Allow the Phone to Stop Optimizing Battery Usage?
9. Your phone will start trying to connect to your PC, it's now time to jump on the PC to complete the process.

On your PC
1. Click Start -> Your Phone.  I recommend right-clicking it first & either "Pin to Start" or "More -> Pin to taskbar" so it is more easily accessible to you.
2. Click [Get Started].
3. Click [Sign in] to sign into your Microsoft account on your PC (this step may not be necessary if you already have your PC linked to your Microsoft account).
4. Click [Link phone] to complete the setup process.

5. Enter your phone information & click [Send].  This step sends a text to your Phone & prompts you for one final security Allow.
6. You should now be finished, click [Close] on your PC & I had to click [Done] on my Phone.

The Your Phone app should now open on your PC. Click the Messages icon on the left hand side and [See texts] below to continue.

Your Phone app will now mirror the text messages in and out of your phone to your computer screen.  Play around with sending some text messages back and forth to see how things look & decide how you want to utilize this new found power :)


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