Feb 2019 - Updating Windows 10

February 2019 - Updating Windows 10

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As there is currently a Windows 10 update making the rounds, I thought I would talk about that :)

First, if you are running Windows 7, you should be planning to replace that computer this year!  Microsoft's support for Windows 7 ends January 14, 2020 (Windows 8 on January 10, 2023) and therefore our ability to remote support you if you are running that operating system also ends.

I was a big fan of Windows 8.1 personally, but in our line of business it is necessary to stay current with your clients, so we are always upgrading & embracing the change!  There were some things I didn't like about Windows 10 when it was first released, but over the years the improvements put forth have been great!!  

What I like most about Windows 10 is that it helps users - keep more current with updates, perform routine drive maintenance & cleanup, optimize features like chkdsk without a reboot (my least favourite Windows 7 feature).  Support for devices is much more automated, the Start menu is better than it was in Windows 8x, and we have very few blue screens of death (computer crashes).

  1.  You should close all your software when you leave at night - leaving files open is an excellent way to cause hard drive corruption!
  2. You should be using a Windows password & either logging off your computer nightly or at the very least locking it.  Your password should not be a sticky on the monitor where anyone sitting down at the computer can easily logon.
  3. You should restart your computer about once a week to give it a chance to refresh - I am assuming of course that you do not power off your computer :)
Microsoft constantly releases minor fixes and two major upgrades a year for Windows 10.  Following the steps above will allow those updates to automatically run at some point.  The larger updates typically want to be scheduled & I can't stress enough that it is worth your effort to come in on the weekend when you're closed to run those big ones!  If you plan ahead a little & get the updates running Friday night when you walk out the door then hopefully a quick drive by on the weekend is all that you need!

Microsoft controls when they want your computer to update, so to take back that power & decide when to update you'll need to put in a little effort.
  1.  Open your web browser and search for "windows update assistant".  You'll get back about 178 million results, but you are after the Microsoft.com link 
  2.  The article will vary slightly from update to update, but the gist of it is, you want to download the Update Assistant.  I have found the version changes from Update to Update, so if you have the previous Update Assistant installed already, please uninstall if first.  Then click the "download the Update Assistant" link.  ( this screenshot is for the 1809 Update )
  3.  Choose to [Update now]  - depending on your browser you can either simply Run, or you'll have to Save then Run.
  4.  Once the Windows 10 Update Assistant is running, you'll want to [Update Now] 
  5.  This will run a quick test to ensure your computer is ok to update & whether you click [Next] or wait a few moments, the update will start.  
  6.  The update will run through several steps - downloading, updating, rebooting, and finally startup updating (so do make it back into the clinic over the weekend to make sure all 4 steps are completed before Monday morning)
With a good internet connection & a half decent computer you are still looking at 1-2 hours for the update, but if you have 4-5 computers you still only need 1-2 hours!  We have done so many of these that we have seen our fair share of failures, typically around the 98% mark - when that happens my advice is just to restart your system & try again the following weekend... but maybe bring beer next time :)


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