Jan 2019 - Welcome!

January 2019 - Welcome!

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For a few years now we have been wondering how people run their businesses with computers!?  It takes time & energy to sort through everything, deal with all the headaches, and keep things running smoothly at Sunbaked Software!  We know our business is different than yours, but we spend a handsome amount of time & money trying to keep ahead of the curve.  

This new column is born of those efforts.  We want to try to tackle ideas in these columns that will hopefully help you with your struggles, help make your business run more smoothly, and empower you to do things on the computer you didn't think were possible!  

We welcome your feedback, suggestions for future articles, or generally any questions or comments you have!

When Brock has time to read the news, he reads the nerdy news ( https://slashdot.org ).  Much like the regular news, it constantly overwhelms with article after article on viruses, password hacks, the good/evil of Artificial Intelligence, etc.


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