1 SOAP Setup: Adding a New Date Range

Any time you wish to make a change to your SOAP template, you must first start a new date range. Current SOAP templates are on "lock down" you cannot edit or change a template which has associated SOAP notes. Tip! This does NOT apply to speed keys, you can make changes to your speed keys at any time without having to create a new template start date.

Utilities -> SOAP -> Practitioner Question/Response Setup 

The date you choose for your new template must be in the future. BEFORE you select your new date range consider how many changes you want to make, if it's a quick tweak you may want to select tomorrow's date. If you're a new office doing a complete overhaul you may want to give yourself several days/weeks to make the changes before it becomes an active template.   

NOTE: For those practitioners who use [Copy Previous SOAP to New] you will get an extra (grey) screen pop up when launching a SOAP note from your new template. This screen is letting you know what has changed from the previous template and may be lost in copy, you have the choice here to ignore, or copy. This extra screen will appear for each patient note launched the first time in the new template.

For more information see our "SOAP Setup 1" video -> You can access the video directly through ChiroSUITE by going to Help -> ChiroSUITE Help Videos -> SOAP -> SOAP Setup 1 - Adding a New Date Range.


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