Write off a 3rd Party Balance

There are two ways to write off a 3rd party balance. Tip! Write offs should never be done without permission from the business owner.

3rd Party Receive Payments Screen

Billing->Receive 3rd Party Payments

1. Decline the visits you wish to write off. Tip! If ALL visits need to be written off, click [XAllDeclined].
2. Select "Write Off".
3. Click "Finish".
Tip! This is the quickest way to do a 3rd party write off, if you do not have access to "Write Off" in the drop down menu speak to the person who manages/assigns security settings in your office.

3rd Party Reconciliation Wizard

Billing -> 3rd Party Reconciliation Wizard

Tip! Any billings declined or partially paid will end up in the reconciliation wizard IF you do not take action as seen in the above screenshot (Write Off or Bill to Patient). The reconciliation wizard MUST always maintain a zero balance, otherwise you're leaving Revenue in a state of flux.

Tip! Prior to reaching the screen below there are options to filter should you choose to use them, if you do not, click [Next] until you get to this screen.
1. Select the Patient/Amount you wish to write off.
2. Click [Reconcile].

1. Select "Writeoff Diff".
2. Provide explanation for write off.
3. Click [Next] if you have more billings to write off or [Finish] if you are done. This returns you to the main screen, click [Next].

1. Click [Process Reconciliation Changes].
2. Once processed [Preview/Print] & [Finish] buttons will be enabled.

To generate a write off report go to Reports -> A/R Reports -> Write-Offs by Date Range. 


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