1. Care Plans: Setup

This is the one of the articles in our KB site where we ask you to watch our Care Plan webinar BEFORE doing anything further!! Care plans are an exceptional feature in ChiroSUITE; however, they are also the most mismanaged feature we offer. With proper training & daily monitoring, they work wonderfully. That said, they are not the answer for every office.
Help -> ChiroSUITE Help Videos -> Training/Webinar -> Care Plans

Unlock Module: 
File -> Integrations/Modules ->  Care Plans Module.  Print, fill out and send back the form.

Utilities -> Scheduling -> Care Plan Defaults 
1. Select Practitioner Type.
2. Enter Care Plan Defaults, be very specific here.
3. Click [Save], once saved green + above step 4 is enabled.
4. Click green +.
CRITICAL Window: It is important to understand how critical window works and what this means for your call list. In this scenario IF the patient has not been in the office in 11 days he/she will appear on your call list under "Critical Window", as they are meant to be in once a week. Tip! If the patient has a future appointment already booked but it is outside of the critical window, they will still appear on your call list as they have fallen off of their care plan.  For more see Care Plan article 4. 
1. Select the appointment type for the visit in the drop down menu.
2. Select the action you wish completed on this visit.
3. Click [Save].
If your office is going to contact patients that miss too many days between appointments then you want the Critical Window to add patients to the Call List. 

Appointments -> Critical Window ->Call List

1. If your office uses Start/ End of Day, use the [Toggle] buttons. 
2. If your office does not use Start/End of Day, ensure you [Process Critical Window Patients Into Current Call List] regularly so no one is missed. 
Remember, even if a patient has a future appointment but has missed too many days (the critical window), they will end up on your Call List.  

For more information see our "Care Plans Lists" video-> You can access the videos directly through ChiroSUITE by going to Help -> ChiroSUITE Help Videos -> Care Plans.


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