Cleaning up Backups; Do I have a Backup?

Updated January 16, 2018
Each backup is a FULL backup.  Backups come to us (encrypted) and they also save onto your hard drive.
So monthly, quarterly or however often you want, they can be cleared off easily through ChiroSUITE:  

Utilities -> Cleanup/Maintenance ->  Cleanup Backups -> click [Build List of Backups] -> click [Permanently Remove Backups Selected].  
This will clear off everything on the hard drive except the last dozen or so.  If using a USB or another external hard drive for backups, plug that in and use [Build List of Backups For "Your Backups Folder"] then  [Permanently Remove Backups Selected].
Do I have backups?
You can ensure current backups are being saved on your hard drive and/or USB key by looking at the list in the above areas.  The file extension for the backups will end in '.cs5'.  If you do not see any with this extension contact support.


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