Using a Dymo with ChiroSUITE

To get your Dymo printer working with ChiroSUITE (whether this is a new Dymo or you're having issues) follow the instructions below.  NOTE: you may have to restart your machine multiple times, so if this is the main/server machine you will need to do this when nobody else is in ChiroSUITE


1. Is your windows up to date?
Verify you have the latest Windows versions.  Click the start button in the bottom left of your screen & type in "About your PC" & hit Enter once it becomes the highlighted suggestion.  You may need to scroll down a little but under Windows Specifications it will give you a Version - this should read 20H2.  If it does not but Windows updates does not give you the option to update, then you can google "Windows update assistant", contact your tech, or we'll do it for you for $50/machine!

(IF you already have a Dymo installed continue below.  If not, jump to #4)

2. Unplug the USB cable from the Dymo.  Remove all existing Dymo software (Dymo label maker, Dymo connect, DymoId, or anything else you see) through Windows Settings -> Apps.  Remove all existing Dymo printers through Windows Settings -> Devices -> Printers & Scanners.

3. Restart your machine after you are done just for good measure. 

4. Go to the site & download the latest version of the Dymo Label software - if you need to download other software to make your printer work in a network or something then go ahead, but we are only covering a directly attached Dymo printer in these instructions.  The latest file we downloaded was DLS8Setup8.7.4.exe.

5. Install the Dymo Software.

6. After installing is complete, plug the Dymo USB cable in first, then the Dymo power.

7. Open your "DYMO Label v.8" software, put something on the label & print to make sure it prints fine.  This should print whatever you selected to print.
*If the printer doesn't print at this point then go through the steps again, get a tech in to help, or call Dymo for assistance.  If you can't print from Dymo software then we definitely can't make it work in ChiroSUITE!
If you can print fine from "DYMO Label v.8" then open your ChiroSUITE.  It will not have been opened if you had to reboot your machine.

8. In ChiroSUITE, Go into Patient Labels, select a Label Type, and click the [Refresh List] button down by the Dymo Printer box - do this whether you see your Dymo listed or not.  It should automatically select itself after it refreshes the list but if not, please select it from the list.  Adjust whatever else you need to & click to [Print Label].

At this point if you are having issues please let us know by calling or emailing :)



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