Dymo Label Software


To get your Dymo printer working with ChiroSUITE you will need to uninstall your current software (if you have it), and download the latest software from http://dymo.com.  Make sure you are logged on with Administrative privileges to be able to uninstall and install software. If your dymo is working from your computer but NOT ChiroSUITE, we are happy to assist. 
NOTE: Install the latest version for the Dymo Label Writer you purchased (not the DYMO Connect software). 
NOTE: Likely your Dymo says to plug it in AFTER software installed. 

1.  EXIT ChiroSUITE then go to -> Dymo.com -> use drop downs on upper right. Ensure you are installing Dymo on the computer used most for labels. 

2. Under the Drivers & Downloads menu that comes up click 'VIEW ALL'.

3. Select the most current Dymo Label software

4. Click 'Run' and continue through pop ups and installation.  It will take 4-6 minutes. 
IMPORTANT!  You will be asked to restart.  click [NO].  ** you must do the restart when you can fully exit all programs AND ensure no one is using ChiroSUITE on ANY other computer. 

After a restart (as per #4) then, 
5. Plug in Dymo and WAIT until 'installing device driver software' is finished.  You will notice an icon at bottom of screen. 

6. Double click the Dymo icon on desktop and do a test label.  Then go into ChiroSUITE and try a label.
Refer to 'Labels' article.  

TIP! Using the Dymo Address label gives you larger font 

Smile as you do a test from your desktop THEN from ChiroSUITE!


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