Credits typically stay on financial records until they are used, that said, many offices like to clear old/outstanding credits from their reports. BEFORE absorbing old credits an attempt should be made to reimburse the patient, these credits do not belong to the business. Tip! This is a good discussion to have with the business owner, governing body, & accountant.
Tip! We suggest this process be done on ONE day & ideally a day the office is closed so it does not effect any of your other financial reports. 
Tip! Depending on how your business is setup (if practitioners are their own entities) you need to be aware of how this can effect financials like the Income Statement.
Utilities -> Accounting -> Payment Types 

Add a new payment type that is NOT used in the office to pay out the credits, as an example "Absorbed Credits". Tip! Once you're done cleaning up the credits don't forget to circle back to this screen and inactivate this pay type.

Once your new pay type is added start paying out the old credits, to learn how to pay out a credit click here: Pay Out Credit.


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