Write off for Patient Balance

Billing -> Billing Adjustment

1. Select "Write-Offs" tab.
2. Select patient. Tip! Whenever you see a red heart in ChiroSUITE, clicking it pulls in the active patient.
3. Decide what is being written off.
4. Choose write off date (in most cases current day) & provide reason for write off.
5. Click [Apply Write-Off].

Tip! If a screen is greyed out it means you do not have the security setting to access it, have the business owner/office manager make changes to security settings. This is NOT something you need support for, in fact, in most cases we cannot assist without permission from the business owner. 
To learn how to do a 3rd party write off click here: Writing off a 3rd Party Balance.

Tip! We recommend running A/R reports monthly & following up on collections to ensure you're not writing off patient balances. We also advise you run reports and clean up accounts before the business year end, providing your accountant with a Write Off Report.


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