ChiroSUITE v5 Updates / Installs

Updating Your chirosuite v5?

1. From your computer you can update you ChiroSUITE v5 by simply going to the following link (this is our recommended method).  If you are running an old install & don't have this option or are having difficulties with this option please contact our technical support team!
Start -> All Programs -> ChiroSUITE 5 -> ChiroSUITE Updater

2. To manually update your ChiroSUITE v5, download the file below & follow through the update instructions.
( current ChiroSUITE version is v5.24.0801 - LastUpd: Thur Jul 18th, 2024 @ 08:54 )

( click Windows logo to download the update file ) 

For Installing ChiroSUITE, you can download the files to help be prepared for the install but DO NOT RUN any of these installers unless you know what you are doing! Each installer needs to be run by someone from our support team - installing them on your own will slow down your install process & potentially break your existing ChiroSUITE!

Installing chirosuite v5?

1. To download the chirosuite v5 installer, select the file below. 
( click Windows logo to download the installer )
2. If this is your main/server computer, setup your folders CSv5 Folder Structure
3. If this is your main/server computer, we will also need our data engine installer: SQL Server 2019 64Bit 
4. If you are running a Terminal Server you will also need a TSxx file for each unique Windows user that will be using ChiroSUITE.  Click to download each specific file that you require:  TS01,  TS02,  TS03,  TS04,  TS05,  TS06,  TS07,  TS08,  TS09,  TS10,  TS11,  TS12,  TS13,  TS14,  TS15,  TS16,  TS17,  TS18,  TS19,  TS20,  TS21TS22TS23TS24TS25  
5. CSv5 DLL UpdateThis is for machines that are having difficulties with the DLLs from the original install - this will reset the controls & re-register them for you on your computer.  
6. SQL Server Native v11 Client - This is for machines running a newer version of the native client due to other installed software.
7. TSPrint Client v3 - this is for clinics running off our hosted servers, requiring software to control their printing.  Download save/run the file & accept all defaults :)

**Remember to ONLY use these installers if advised to do so by the support team**


  Email or Call toll free at 855.509.1111      


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