Credit Transfer

Tip! If transferring credits between family members we recommend you link them for family billing which allows ALL family members to access credits without having to transfer credits. To learn how to link families for billing click here: Family Billing Setup OR Split Family Billing.
Billing -> Credit Transfer

1. Select patient you are transferring from.
2. Highlight credit amount.
3. Select patient you are transferring to.
4. Enter amount to transfer.
5. Click [Transfer Credit].
Tip! Credits are not automatically applied to amounts owing, you must "Receive Payments" and apply the credit.

Tip! If you do NOT see the transferred credit in the pay type drop down menu this means a second transfer is required. Use the steps above INSTEAD of transferring to patient click in "Move to Busn:" and select the practitioner you want to apply the credit to from the drop down menu.

Credits can also be transferred directly from the checkout screen by clicking [Quick Move] which launches the "Credit Transfer" screen.


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