ChiroSUITE not connecting; Network Issue; Cycling the Power;

Quite often the reason ChiroSUITE won't connect or let you log in is because something is wrong in your network. Similar to when you are trying to print but nothing happens till you turn the printer off then on again and suddenly everything prints. A power cycle does a very similar thing when your computers are not talking to each other properly. This can also solve many of the odd issues we run into so may request this process in those cases as well.

To cycle the power in your clinic there are 2 basic steps - powering down all your devices and then powering up all your devices. It sounds simple but the exact order will depend on your clinic setup.

Powering Down
The steps for powering down isn't as important as powering up but since we are trying to create an easy to remember process, we will walk you through this as well. (When we talk about your primary machine vs your secondary machines we mean the computer that hosts your data (you don't necessarily use this computer regularly) vs the computers that network to your data)

1. Choose "Shut down" from the [Start] menu/button to shut off your computer(s).  If you are running multiple computers with chirosuite you will want to shutdown all your secondary computers at this point ONLY.  Sometimes you may also co-ordinate this with setting up your hard drives to checkdisk" before shutting off.  

2. If you are running multiple chirosuite computers, now shut down your primary computer.

3. Power down your router/firewall/switch - this is the device that all the computers connect into. It is quite often located in the back office with the power/phone lines. Typically there is no power switch, usually it just involves physically unplugging the power supply.4. Power down your internet ADSL/Cable modem - again, quite often this does not have a power switch and instead you have to physically unplug the power. Do not confuse this power cable with your router/firewall/switch cable - sometimes they look the same but send out different power!

Powering Up
The steps for powering up is very important but even if you do it wrong, things will eventually click along fine.

1. Power up your internet ADSL/Cable modem and give it about 30 seconds to fully connect & be up and running.

2. Power up your router/firewall/switch and again, give it about 30 seconds to fully connect & be up and running.

3. Power up your primary/single computer, logon (if applicable) and give it some time to run all of its startup programs. If this process takes too long - it might be time to cleanup your computer or get a new one :)

4. Power up all your secondary computers (if applicable).

 That's it, you have successfully cycled the power - congratulations!
***Errors that indicate network issues include error 3146 and error 3151...


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