Rollover Processing: 3rd party Payor Accounts and/or Chart numbers

What does Rollover mean? Your rollover screen will pop up on the day you setup your chart numbers to renew, i.e., from 2019 to 2020, and/or 3rd party limits to replenish on patient accounts. Rolling over ensures patient accounts are accurate and up to date. Although rollovers can happen at any time of year, they are mostly seen on January 1st & July 1st.

TIP! THE POP UP SHOULD NOT BE IGNORED!! If it is ignored go to Utilities -> Clinic -> Rollover Processing.

1. In most cases you will select [Mark All Rollover].
2. Click [Process as Specified & Refresh].
Tip! To Verify the records have Rolled Over, simply open a patient account that was on the report previewed and look at their 3rd Party Payor setup.  You should see a $0 YTD Used, full limit amount, and a new Rollover date.

After rollover processing, you may need to make sure  'Next Rollover D' in Payor Setup (Utilities > Payors > Payor Setup) has been changed to the following year or you may get the below pop up message when you are editing or setting up a patient's 3rd party payor.  To learn about the Payor Setup screen, click here: Payor Setup 


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